East Sierra Valley
Chamber of Commerce

Membership Dues:
Business/Organization Membership $50.00
General/Supporting Membership $35.00




Becoming a business/organization membership you will be placed in the Sierra County Visitors Guide




1. ONLINE OPTION: Click the green button in in the upper left or below, its simple and quick! 
Please fill out completely and select all categories that apply to your business, organization including email and making your payment directly online in a safe and secure manner through PayPal using debit or credit card.

2. MAIL IN OPTION: Download your Membership application for either Business, Organization or Supporting Member in PDF form as seen below.
Please mail your form with remittance to:  E.S.V.C.C.  P.O. Box 366 Loyalton, CA 96118


E.S.V.C.C. Membership Application_1.pdf
click to download
3. PLEASE Come to a meeting which is at the first Saturday of each month, call for where and when the meeting will take place as we would love to have you join us 530-993-0453 or 993-4387

We look forward to your membership!