East Sierra Valley
Chamber of Commerce
Biking Routes in Sierra Valley, Sierra County California
General Map of Routes
Loyalton Beckworth Loop
Plumas Sierra Cyclical Club Century Route
Tour De Manure
Tonys Boca Rail Trail (hiking and biking)
For Greater Area Maps Go to Plumas County Chamber

East Sierra Valley is located less than a hour from Reno, Nevada. One can travel from Sacramento, California in less than 2 and 1/2 hours. Truckee is less than a 40 minute drive to the South.

The rural highways and several county roads offer both road bike and mountain bike trails around and through the valley. Many Sierra biking tours and fundraisers are held in Sierra Valley, Sierra County California. Sierra Valley is a must for true road bike enthusiasts, and mountain bikers are discovering the fun, primitive valley roads and pine-covered ridges to the north. 
The Plumas-Sierra Bicycle Club hosts rides throughout the county on both paved and unpaved roads. Visitors are welcome! For information or a schedule, call (530) 832-1612, or check their website.

Sierra Valley is a unique place in the world. Expansive fields of green alfalfa, and harvested hay, surround the seasonal water channels, stretching in the warmth of the sun to meet dense, pine forests. Numerous, and often owl inhabited, old, rustic barns, dating back to original settlers, are scattered throughout the valley. Excellent photographic and painting opportunities occur from public roads. It is a collision of various habitats and micro-climates. It has grasses, streams and rivers, high dessert lakes, tumbleweed, and sage, wetlands, and conifer forests. Where else would you find an Eagle feeding near a den of barn swallows, or nesting near a pair of Sand Cranes? At the right time of year, it is possible to see over 100 species in a day by starting at Yuba Pass in early morning, continuing through the valley, and ending at Frenchman Lake to the east. Birding in Sierra Valley is also very popular. (Picture: East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce hosting a table at Tour De Manure, Sierra Valley Metric.)
Bowman Mountain Trail — 3.6 hiking miles, 1277 feet elevation difference
Halls Ranch Trail — 6.3 hiking miles, 2105 feet elevation difference
Lafayette Ridge Trail — 4 hiking miles, 1583 feet elevation difference
Second Divide Trail —  7.2 hiking miles, 1442 feet elevation difference
Third Divide Trail — 2.5 hiking miles, 2062 feet elevation difference
Haskell Peak Trail —  2.2 hiking miles, 1117 feet elevation difference
Butcher Ranch Trail — 3 hiking miles, 2125 feet elevation difference
Deer Lake Trail — 3.6 hiking miles, 1145 feet elevation difference
Cottonwood Botanical Trail — 0.8 hiking miles, 274 feet elevation difference
Cottonwood Fisherman Trail — 3.6 hiking miles, 737 feet elevation difference
Cottonwood Overlook Trail — 1.2 hiking miles, 607 feet elevation difference
Pacific Crest Trail - Pick it up outside Sierra City Hwy 49